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Per Jessen wrote:
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I'm giving a PHP course next semester (3 hours all saturdays for 22
weeks) and I just realized that PHP 5.3 is coming very soon (2 days
now!). So, my plans of teaching PHP 5.2 are starting to change, and
I think it's a good idea to teach them 5.3 already.
Does it _really_ matter which one?  I can't imagine there are that
many revolutionary changes in a dot-release.
Given the naming of PHP versions of PHP-x.y.z, I would agree that not
much changes between versions at the .z level. But at the .y level
there are usually significant changes.

Coming to a PHP 5.3 near you are the following notable features:

     - namespaces
     - closures
     - late static binding
     - garbage collector to handle cyclic references
     - PHAR
     - goto

I hadn't actually seen/studied the list, but apart from the goto, I
don't consider any of those revolutionary :-)

Revolutionary, no. Major changes for PHP, yes! Major shifts in development practices for PHP... it depends on who you are or where you work, but certainly some of these will mark changes in development for many people.

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