Per Jessen wrote:
Manuel Aude wrote:

I'm giving a PHP course next semester (3 hours all saturdays for 22
weeks) and I just realized that PHP 5.3 is coming very soon (2 days
now!). So, my plans of teaching PHP 5.2 are starting to change, and I
think it's a good idea to teach them 5.3 already.

Does it _really_ matter which one?  I can't imagine there are that many
revolutionary changes in a dot-release.

Given the naming of PHP versions of PHP-x.y.z, I would agree that not much changes between versions at the .z level. But at the .y level there are usually significant changes.

Coming to a PHP 5.3 near you are the following notable features:

    - namespaces
    - closures
    - late static binding
    - garbage collector to handle cyclic references
    - PHAR
    - goto

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