From: Tony Marston

> I do not follows rules which cannot be justified beyond the expression
> is there, so obey it!" Why is it there? What are the alternatives?
What harm 
> does it do? What happens if the rule is disobeyed? Top posting existed
> the early days of the internet, and for a logical reason. Then some
> prat came along and said "I don't like this, so I am going to make a
> which forbids it!". I don't like this rule, so I choose to disobey it.

Daniel already explained to you why it is there. Long threads get too
confusing with top posting. When posted correctly they read
chronologically from top to bottom so they can be followed and
understood when referenced a year or two later.

Top posting did not exist in the early days of the Internet. I was
active on email listserves and Usenet newsgroups 18 years ago, long
before Microsoft discovered them and decided that top posting should be
the norm. All of the other news and email clients I have ever used
defaulted to bottom posting. It was only in Outlook 2003 that Microsoft
finally removed that option completely. Previous versions allowed bottom
posting and even handled the attribution markup correctly.

Bob McConnell

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