On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 03:23:49PM -0400, Bob McConnell wrote:

> From: Tony Marston
> > I do not follows rules which cannot be justified beyond the expression
> "It 
> > is there, so obey it!" Why is it there? What are the alternatives?
> What harm 
> > does it do? What happens if the rule is disobeyed? Top posting existed
> in 
> > the early days of the internet, and for a logical reason. Then some
> arrogant 
> > prat came along and said "I don't like this, so I am going to make a
> rule 
> > which forbids it!". I don't like this rule, so I choose to disobey it.
> Daniel already explained to you why it is there. Long threads get too
> confusing with top posting. When posted correctly they read
> chronologically from top to bottom so they can be followed and
> understood when referenced a year or two later.
> Top posting did not exist in the early days of the Internet. I was
> active on email listserves and Usenet newsgroups 18 years ago, long
> before Microsoft discovered them and decided that top posting should be
> the norm. All of the other news and email clients I have ever used
> defaulted to bottom posting. It was only in Outlook 2003 that Microsoft
> finally removed that option completely. Previous versions allowed bottom
> posting and even handled the attribution markup correctly.

Also, Tony's mail reader is broken-- Microsoft Outlook Express 6.


Paul M. Foster

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