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2009/7/9 Tony Marston <t...@marston-home.demon.co.uk>:
> I thought of a better analogy. You ever been on the London
> Underground? There's a rule that says you stand on the right-hand side
> of escalators. This has no benefit to you, the one who stands there
> while the elevator does all the work, but it means those of us who
> want to walk up the escalator can do so without having to ask everyone
> to move out of the way. The benefit of this rule is to other people
> not you, but does that make it a bad rule?

Your analogy is urealistic as my choice of top posting has absolutely no 
effect on any other message is the newsgroup. It has no absolutely no effect 
on the reader unless the reader chooses to take offence.

The first newsgroups I visited after getting my first PC not only allowed 
top posting, they actively encouraged it, yet no-one complained if someone 
put  their post on the bottom. They were tolerant, you see, because it 
didn't really matter.

Your intolerant attitude on this issue shows just what a small-minded person 
you are.

> I reckon it's the same with
> the way you arrange your messages to this list. Top-posting is a lazy
> and selfish way to "contribute" to the list,

That is opinion, not fact. Other newsgroups allow top posting, so why not 
this newsgroup? Just because someone says so? That's simply not good enough.

> especially when you know
> what the rule/convention is. It's worth noting that bottom-posting
> without efficient quoting is just as bad IMHO as top-posting.

There you go with your personal opinions again.

> Anyway, it's clear that you're not willing to do the polite thing on
> this issue, so I don't see any point in continuing to discuss it.
> -Stuart

Good. So stop discussing it.

Tony Marston

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