Miller, Terion wrote:
> Shawn you know repeatedly have been nothing but an asshole to me on
> this list, I have said before I'm not a php programmer, I was a front
> end designer, need graphics , need a css layout...see me....need
> backend programming..I'm trying... Stop being such a egomaniacal
> dickhead, a social life may do you good.

Dearest Terion,

If by "repeatedly", you mean twice, then yes I'll agree.  I've also
helped and/or solved your issues more than twice (once being today if
you've read it and followed it).  Most often my intent was to get you to
try and learn and troubleshoot your own issues instead of posting the
same code problems and syntax errors over and over.  You come to this
list "repeatedly" with errors that are caused by a total lack of
understanding, and in my opinion, a total lack of due diligence on your
part.  It's not today or the past week or the past several weeks, it's
been for quite some time with little or no improvement.

If by being an "asshole", you mean the time that I suggested that you
get an editor with syntax checking/highlighting because you posted a
whole page of wrapped code that had a syntax error (missing semicolon),
then yes I have been, though a helpful asshole with good intentions.  At
some point it gets obnoxious.  When is that point?  It differs depending
upon the person.  Many on this list have just stopped replying to your
posts altogether. I like them need to see an attempt to help ones self
occasionally before I continue with help.

I wasn't defending your boss yelling at you, that's rarely appropriate.
 However, after the many posts from you on this list, to see "Need quick
got written up yesterday!! OUCH", I felt like yelling at you, "Need
payment doing your work!! CONSTANTLY" :-)

As a CSS/HTML/graphics designer, did you take this job with the
understanding that you'd have to learn PHP or did they just thrust it
upon you?  If the former, then you need to buckle down and learn it in a
constructive manner.  If your social life needs to suffer for a short
time, then that's what it takes. If the latter, then maybe talk to them
about some company paid training and mentoring from someone helpful that
knows backend programming and PHP.

I may be a "dickhead", but not "egomaniacal". There are many better PHP
gurus on this list than I, and I know it. Unfortunately, many of them
are ignoring your posts entirely.  At present my social life is actually
overwhelming my ability to devote time to PHP coding, however if you'd
like to send pictures I'll give them a look see.

I can understand your frustration and can tell that you're very
stressed, so I will attempt to not be an "asshole" nor a "dickhead", but
please show a little more devotion to learning and helping yourself.


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