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> On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 12:42:11PM -0500, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> > Miller, Terion wrote:
> > > Shawn you know repeatedly have been nothing but an asshole to me on
> > > this list, I have said before I'm not a php programmer, I was a
> front
> > > end designer, need graphics , need a css layout...see me....need
> > > backend programming..I'm trying... Stop being such a egomaniacal
> > > dickhead, a social life may do you good.
> >
> > Dearest Terion,
> >
> > If by "repeatedly", you mean twice, then yes I'll agree.  I've also
> > helped and/or solved your issues more than twice (once being today if
> > you've read it and followed it).  Most often my intent was to get you
> to
> > try and learn and troubleshoot your own issues instead of posting the
> > same code problems and syntax errors over and over.  You come to this
> > list "repeatedly" with errors that are caused by a total lack of
> > understanding, and in my opinion, a total lack of due diligence on
> your
> > part.  It's not today or the past week or the past several weeks,
> it's
> > been for quite some time with little or no improvement.
> >
> > If by being an "asshole", you mean the time that I suggested that you
> > get an editor with syntax checking/highlighting because you posted a
> > whole page of wrapped code that had a syntax error (missing
> semicolon),
> > then yes I have been, though a helpful asshole with good intentions.
> At
> > some point it gets obnoxious.  When is that point?  It differs
> depending
> > upon the person.  Many on this list have just stopped replying to
> your
> > posts altogether. I like them need to see an attempt to help ones
> self
> > occasionally before I continue with help.
> >
> > I wasn't defending your boss yelling at you, that's rarely
> appropriate.
> >  However, after the many posts from you on this list, to see "Need
> quick
> > got written up yesterday!! OUCH", I felt like yelling at you, "Need
> > payment doing your work!! CONSTANTLY" :-)
> >
> > As a CSS/HTML/graphics designer, did you take this job with the
> > understanding that you'd have to learn PHP or did they just thrust it
> > upon you?  If the former, then you need to buckle down and learn it
> in a
> > constructive manner.  If your social life needs to suffer for a short
> > time, then that's what it takes. If the latter, then maybe talk to
> them
> > about some company paid training and mentoring from someone helpful
> that
> > knows backend programming and PHP.
> >
> > I may be a "dickhead", but not "egomaniacal". There are many better
> > gurus on this list than I, and I know it. Unfortunately, many of them
> > are ignoring your posts entirely.  At present my social life is
> actually
> > overwhelming my ability to devote time to PHP coding, however if
> you'd
> > like to send pictures I'll give them a look see.
> >
> > I can understand your frustration and can tell that you're very
> > stressed, so I will attempt to not be an "asshole" nor a "dickhead",
> but
> > please show a little more devotion to learning and helping yourself.
> I have to agree with Shawn on most everything. I'm one of those people
> who've chosen not to pay attention to your posts. The masses of code
> you
> post are nearly indecipherable, and you seem to be constantly tripped
> up
> by syntax errors, etc.
> PJ blew it with me in the same way. PJ, too, is not a professional
> coder. And like you, he seems to be unwilling to buckle down and study
> the language, preferring instead to come to experts here to get free
> tutoring. But at some point, the patience of people on this list runs
> out, and rather than excoriating you, they simply stop helping you.
> My point here is not to insult you or denigrate your abilities. You may
> be a very nice person, and quite talented at doing the things you're
> trained to do. But programming in PHP is apparently not one of them.
> And
> if you're going to be doing this for a living, then you're going to
> have
> to either stop doing this for a living, or actually study the subject.
> Because sooner or later, no one here will listen, no matter how nice
> you
> are, and no matter how well you do the other parts of your job.
> Paul
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> Paul M. Foster
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God I love this planet. I agree with Paul.

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