Thank you all for being so brutally honest, I am doing my best, and yes I do 
get hung up on syntax errors, I mean who doesn't stare at code looking for a 
misplaced or missing ; or . For what seems like hours with a boss asking 
repeatedly "is it done, is it done" before freaking out and asking for more 
eyes to help look, so yes I am totally guilty of that, unfortunately I don't 
work on a team, so I have no one live in person to ask, and my company training 
consisted of 2 books but no training time as in small projects, just 2 books 
and big projects. For the record I have asked to be transferred back to 
graphics/front end production as soon as a full time position opens back up 
there, I don't seem to have a knack or logic for back end programming wish I 
did, but like I said in a previous email to Shawn it's very left brained and 
I'm very right brained.  I will do my best to not use the list, and if I do I 
thank you thank you thank you for the kind heartedness of Ash, Bastian, Jim and 
even Shawn (who rails me out first) who continue to help me, and to the few 
others that still find it good karma whose names I may have left off.  Good 
things happen to those who do Good things.
Peace and Happy Wednesday

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