Hey PHPers,

We've been doing sampled logging to the database in our application for
awhile, and now I'm hoping eventually to blow that out to a larger scale.
I'm worried about the performance implications of logging to our database on
every single page load, though, so I was wondering if anyone's found a
solution that does buffered logging.  Essentially it would log to memory
(memcached/apc/etc), and then periodically dump to a database in a
structured format, preferrably user-defined.  It's not essential that we get
every signle hit, so I'd be fine if there was some data loss on a restart.
I started writing my own solution, and then thought I'd ask the list to see
if anyone has any experience with other tools that do this.

My Google searches around "buffered logging" have mainly found error logging
packages, like PEAR's Log package, or log4php.  Those all seem to write to
only one particular stream at a time, with no real support for buffering it
in memory and then moving it to database.

Thanks for any help!


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