> Hey PHPers,
>> We've been doing sampled logging to the database in our application for
>> awhile, and now I'm hoping eventually to blow that out to a larger scale.
>> I'm worried about the performance implications of logging to our database
>> on
>> ...
> If you are using mysql and MyISAM tables, you can try using "insert DELAYED
> " method.
> http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/insert-delayed.html
> This will bulk all your inserts for writes.

Thanks for the suggestions!  Those both look great for what I was going to
do.  One other thought I had after reading those suggestions, if we're doing
web server logging, we can also parse the logs using webalizer or awstats.
I know apache provides file size and the URL that's being hit, but what if I
want to do custom referral tracking?  We append ref=foo to our links to
track where people are coming from, should I look at building my own
solution for that, or do existing tools like awstats suffice for that as

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