Hey Andrea:

Ahhh yes, I've come full circle. I STARTED with php-apc. I really wanted an all-PHP solution, but apc_fetch() ALWAYS returns false a value for uploads. I can apc_add() something and apc_fetch it... but not for uploads : (

The apc.php summary page they supply that sows all the caching stats, shows upload is enabled, but no other info about upload. It seems like the upload is never being communicated to APC.

(my set-up: php-apc 3.0.19, Apache2, php 5.2.10, no suhosin patch, no FastCGI)

If I can get APC to do its basic thing, then I have the rest figured out (though I am going to look at your solution in more detail, thx). Unfortunately, I just don't know how to debug APC. No errors are generated - the problem is totally opaque to me.

I looked at your link, and it looks great, perhaps you have some insight into my narrow APC problem.

One other thing, Eddie was talking about APC not being thread-safe. I have heard this before, but also heard it refuted. Do you have any insight on this?

I am going insane, so any help you can toss my way would be most merciful.

Thanks, Phred

On Sep 14, 2009, at 8:45 AM, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:

I am not sure why you ended up with Flash, but here there is a good old example with APC:


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Bummer... It looked so promising, but on Macs, Flash has to load the
entire file into memory to upload! Rrrrrrrrr. So, it isn't viable for
big files (Gig +) if you need it to be cross platform.

So now I am looking at perl of all things! If you have any ideas let
me know. thanks for all your help so far.


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