On Sep 14, 2009, at 9:15 AM, Tom Worster wrote:

with files that big, perhaps could write client js that polls a script on the server that simply returns the file size(s)? if you want a thermometer,
use the number to resize a colored div.

Thanks Tom, for weighing in.

Having js poll a script on the server is kind of what APC was about, and perl as well. Are you saying I could use PHP on the server side to do this? It seems almost obvious, but no one mentions it any where on the web, so a expected there was some fundamental limitation without APC.

Do you have any idea what this script might look like? Is it possible to get the temp file name before the upload is completed so that its size can be monitored?

If it is, it is just too dang simple! ...but I'd take it for sure.

Thanks, Phred

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