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I see. That is a cool idea, but you are right, concurrency could definitely be a problem. That's what APC is supposed to solve because it tags the file with a unique ID. But I can't get that sucker to return the value to me! If I could get APC to work I would be done.

I also started looking at trying to grab the temp file, ". $_FILES['video_file']['tmp_name'], and then keep checking its size on the server, but I don't think I can get the temp name from php until it is uploaded. Do you know if that is possible?

One other thing, I looked at a canned media management web app ($875 US) that will do this uploading, and it doesn't require APC, so there definitely is some way to do this with basic PHP.


just hopping in the thread again, so excuse me if this has been covered, but have you gone over you environment settings thoroughly? one of the key values for the upload feature to work is,


which needs to be set to 1 or On. also, the php version needs to be at least >= 5.2.

not sure on the concurrency issues, but thats something that could easily be verified w/ a test once youve got it running.


thanks for jumpin in Nathan. The water's fine! (Except for the sharks : )

I have in my php.ini:

apc.rfc1867 = On
apc.rfc1867_freq = 10K

The latter is because i read somewhere that some OS configs don't like the default of 0.

APC has a file, apc.php, that sows all the stats for apc, and it says file upload is on and it is caching files quite nicely, though I don't care too much about that right now.

my set-up: php-apc 3.0.19, Apache2, php 5.2.10, no suhosin patch, no FastCGI - the latter two items i have heard cause problems with APC also, so they are not part of my config.


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