> Furthermore, the amount
> of time micro-optimization takes up (going through old code, I mean)
> could be better spent doing something that actually does increase your
> performance, like implementing a search engine or memcached.  Going
> forward, if you're aware that ++i and i++ are the same for your
> application and ++i is a single php opcode faster (which I don't know
> if it's even measurable, that difference), sure go ahead and use ++i
> but it's certainly not worth serious thought or developer time.
> My two cents.

I do micro optimization with every language I use, when I know, and where I 
can. I am the one that usually solves slow query problems, and I use best 
practices on database as well.

Guys, I don't get your point ... if you know that "$var" is a non-sense, feel 
free to use it ... what I know, is that every double quoted string require 
parsing, due to variable or char evaluations (\x00) evaluation, if I don't need 
this waste of time, why should I write a totally meaningless, useless, "$var" 
where $var is sufficient or more over 'whatever'.$var will be faster?

The fact is that this is my approach for every layer of an application, I am 
not like that only with PHP. There is something to optimize? Make it your code 
style and you won't spend a sinlge second more than any other, but at least 
you'll do your best to reach best performances.

As I have said, I have never had performances problem, and I am a full web 
stack developer, but you can obviously do whatever you want, is still a matter 
of points of view.


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