At 3:56 PM +0200 10/6/09, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
 > Does these behaves exactly?
 for($i=0; $i<10; ++$i)
 for($i=0; $i<10; $i++)

different benchmarks showed ++$i is usually faster than $i++

"Faster" is a relative term that is becoming more meaningless each year.

Considering that "speed" is increasing and "memory" prices are dropping exponentially, both of those are becoming less and less important in design considerations (my opinion).

The speeds of the Crays of yesteryear we are now holding in our hands as cell phones. The memory we are buying today is literally fractions of a cent of the tens of thousands of dollars we spent some 20 years ago.

I venture to claim the time it took me to write this email (and for you to read it) was longer than the total time saved between using ++$i vs $i++ for all the php scripts in the world over the remaining life span of PHP.

Interesting "food for thought", huh?




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