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>> So while we can debate computing considerations of today, tomorrow
>> those will be less important. That was the point I was making. Why
>> not focus on things that make significant difference and let the
>> insignificant fade into history.
> I tendentiously focus on all things able to make, all together, even more 
> significant difference.
> Some micro-optimization, used as common code style, can make the entire 
> application or the specific performance critical task, possible, even with an 
> embed language as PHP is.
> ++$i is not different, from my point of view, from a code where each 
> sequential push is performed via array_push($arr, $value) rather than $arr[] 
> = $value;
> Same is for all those loop such
> for($i = 0; $i < count($staticStack); $i++);
> for me alien, since I've always done
> for($i = 0, $length = count($staticStack); $i < $length; ++$i);
> or, even better, a core performed loop when I need values
> foreach($staticStack as $value);
> these are just examples, code style, whatever you want, and I'll never change 
> my style unless there is a valid reason and some bench able to demonstrate I 
> am wrong. I guess it's just a matter of point of views, but I cannot suggest 
> slower practice cause Moore said tomorrow that CPU will strike the 
> millisecond, 'cause on micro benchmarks, we can go faster, and that's it.
> Regards
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And thus we have ANOTHER problem with PHP micro-optimizations; the
proponents of using them are often misinformed or downright wrong
about them.  Two things you've mentioned in this thread, your count
method and using string concatenation vs. string interpolation (' v.
") what you've proposed is actually slower!

To wit:

I can write a test[1] that comes out with these results:
String concat time: 0.18807196617126
String interpolation time: 0.14288902282715
Where using " is faster than ' !  Common wisdom be damned!

Similarly another test [2] shows that your count() method is less than
microseconds faster per iteration.  Note that these tests are actually
run by codepad.org so I have no opportunity to fudge the results.

[1] http://codepad.org/J2PRycef
[2] http://codepad.org/7jFK9HHY

The amount of time you spend making your code less readable and
thinking about for microoptimizations, even if they are a habit, is
going to be entirely wasted when your micro-optimization habits are
rooted in falsehoods.

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