> Wow! Here goes:
> Open-bracket, dollar item hypen greater-than, get service id, no all one word 
> but with a capital S and I. Open and close brackets, question mark, dollar 
> item again, then a hyphen and greater-than, that get service id and brackets 
> bit again, exactly the same as last time; yes, capital S and I again. Colon, 
> no the colon is the one with two dots, not dot and comma. Dollar item again, 
> then hypen, greater-than, get id, with a capital I. Nope, no service bit this 
> time. Now, open bracket and two closing brackets (I assumed the final two on 
> your example were typos?!). now a semi-colon, yes the one with the comma.
> That's pretty much how I could foresee me telling someone this on the phone, 
> but to be honest, I'd really prefer an email ;)

So it really involves mentioning each character. I was hoping that
there would be a shared language for constructs such as -> and the


Dotan Cohen


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