On 10/16/2009 9:31 PM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
Wow! Here goes:

Open-bracket, dollar item hypen greater-than, get service id, no all one word 
but with a capital S and I. Open and close brackets, question mark, dollar item 
again, then a hyphen and greater-than, that get service id and brackets bit 
again, exactly the same as last time; yes, capital S and I again. Colon, no the 
colon is the one with two dots, not dot and comma. Dollar item again, then 
hypen, greater-than, get id, with a capital I. Nope, no service bit this time. 
Now, open bracket and two closing brackets (I assumed the final two on your 
example were typos?!). now a semi-colon, yes the one with the comma.

That's pretty much how I could foresee me telling someone this on the phone, 
but to be honest, I'd really prefer an email ;)

So it really involves mentioning each character. I was hoping that
there would be a shared language for constructs such as ->  and the

There are, what you'd call, technical jargon for them.
However, it'd pretty obviously depend on the extent of knowledge of the person on other side of phone line. If she understands PHP objects, difference between OOP in PHP4 & PHP5, and ternary operator, things would be fairly simple.

In any case, Ashley's nailed the foolproof technique for sure :)

Dotan Cohen


--Bipin Upadhyay.

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