Hello all,

I'm on my way to build my first dynamic menu using php.
However, each time I say this, people start jumping at me crying out loud:
"Jquery" .
I don't need js for this. Really. (At least, this is what I believe).

So I was wondering if It's possible to accomplish it, by using css and php

If so, I'm wondering if something like this it's a good way for doing this:

Generate a multidimensional array from database table containing categories
and subcategories.

Create a css file with two classes one that shows, another that hides.

Grab that array and: 
 3.1) print it recursively (no idea how to accomplish this)
 3.2) print it with some sort of class="showThis" inside the generated html
 3.3) make a conditional somewhere (I really don't know where, and this may
be related with the recursion doubt), in order to display the children
elements, only when we click the parent element.

And here resides my main doubt: Is the point 3.3 feasible without the use of

I just need some directions please,


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