Thanks a lot for your replies. 

Let's see if I understand, if not, please, let me know, I'm not that proficient 
in English. 
Second try, in order to accomplish this, I have to:

1) Generate the multidimensional array from query.

2) Generate the ul / li menu (echo + foreach) displaying all child elements as 

3) Apply the anchor to the list items.
 3.1) Each anchor on this list should point to a new URL (I don't care if the 
page refreshes on this case).

4) Print all this on a nice way to the browser. (unobtrusive)

5) Apply js to:
 5.1) HIDE the elements that need to be hidden. 
 5.2) SHOW what needs to be displayed.

I don't want to have any onHover effect. The submenus will not appear on a 
onhover effect. 
They should appear when the user either clicks on a parent menu item, or 
navigates to a specific URL. 

Should this make me change this workflow somehow? 

Please have patience... :s

Thanks again,

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