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> Hello all,
> I'm on my way to build my first dynamic menu using php.
> However, each time I say this, people start jumping at me crying out loud:
> "Jquery" .
> I don't need js for this. Really. (At least, this is what I believe).
> So I was wondering if It's possible to accomplish it, by using css and php
> only.
> If so, I'm wondering if something like this it's a good way for doing this:
> 1)
> Generate a multidimensional array from database table containing categories
> and subcategories.
> 2)
> Create a css file with two classes one that shows, another that hides.
> 3)
> Grab that array and: 
>  3.1) print it recursively (no idea how to accomplish this)
>  3.2) print it with some sort of class="showThis" inside the generated html
> element.
>  3.3) make a conditional somewhere (I really don't know where, and this may
> be related with the recursion doubt), in order to display the children
> elements, only when we click the parent element.
> And here resides my main doubt: Is the point 3.3 feasible without the use of
> js?
> I just need some directions please,
> Regards,
> Márcio

Everything there is feasible without Javascript except for the clicking
part, which is pretty essential to what you want. Pure CSS-only menus
are still unavailable because of IE, so using some Javascript is your
only option really.

Is there a particular reason you are shying away from Javascript in this
case? There are ways you can construct drop-down menus in a way that if
Javascript is unavailable, then they fall back to becoming a
bog-standard navigation bar.

Also, before anyone mentions them, <select> lists are not the same thing
as a drop-down menu, and navigating to different parts of a document
upon changing the selected option is actually breaking their default
behavior, and can become confusing to people who expect them to work as
select lists.


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