on 10/28/2009 06:37 PM Paul M Foster said the following:
>> Anyway, if you are that sensitive to design issues, why don't you
>> participate in the contest to propose a better design instead of just
>> complaining against the work that others do to help the PHP community?
>> You can earn prizes and start helping instead of just putting down what
>> others do.
>> http://www.phpclasses.org/blog/post/104-Submit-your-site-redesign-proposal-for-the-contest.html
> Here's a free suggestion. You don't even have to give me a prize. You
> know those random words which are underlined on that page, and when you
> mouse over them, you get the random advertisement on a completely
> unrelated subject, which also emits a *sound* on my computer? Get rid of
> them completely. They are beyond annoying. I get that you need to make
> money with this site, but those obnoxious ads are the exact opposite
> wrong way to do it.

I suppose you are not familiar with the site publishing business.

This site, like many other, is a relatively small site, with only 2
million page view a month.

If you do not have sites with at least 20 million page view a month, you
are considered a small publisher, so you do not have a bugdet to pay for
an advertising sales team. Therefore you need to work with ad agencies
with take a big cut to sell ad space to advertisers.

Those ads you see are placed by agencies like that. They were supposed
to be contextual, so they would be relevant and related with the site
content. If they do not look relevant is because that is the advertisers
they are getting now.

We are still in the middle of a big crisis that will probably not end
before 2012. Many governments are saying they have exited the crisis,
but I am afraid that is just wishful thinking with the purpose of
spreading optimism and help recovering the market.

If the ads you see are not very related, that means that the related
advertising have closed their business or are afraid to spend.

Unfortunately, we small site owners need to be patient and wait for the
market to return.

> Also, while I wouldn't have expressed it quite as crassly as Robert, I
> have to agree on his evaluation of the site's look. I have a logon on
> your site and have been to it many times. I just figured you liked it
> like that. But in truth, it needs a serious and complete makeover. But
> like Robert, I have no end of things to take care of, quite outside of
> redisigning phpclasses.net. I'd suggest you scrap the contest and go
> find a good free CSS template. But that's just me.

That would not solve anything. The vast majority of the users does not
really care. The problem is that those that care always want something
different that changes every year.

Picking up any other template will not solve any problem. Complainers
will keep complaining, probably forever.

The point of the contest is to let those that are sensitive to design
issues to propose something they believe it is better, instead of just

It is impossible to please everybody. Whatever design will win, there
will always be people complaining. To make sure the change will be more
liked than disliking it, I am making it democratic. People that care
will decide.

This way complainers will not have anymore excuse to blame the site for
not having a better design. The majority decides. I will be like
Pilates, I will wash my hands, and pay the prizes, of course.

The main prize is not huge, but it is not cheap either. USD $3,000, a
big elePHPant and a lifetime premium subscription. Runner ups will also
get prizes from sponsors.


So, now it is not time to complain. If you care about the site and the
current design bugs you, this is your chance to propose something better
and even earn prizes.

The submission period will last till the end of November. If you are
interested, you may start here:



Manuel Lemos

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