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> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 05:49:43PM -0200, Manuel Lemos wrote:
>> on 10/28/2009 05:24 PM Robert Cummings said the following:
>> >
>> > It hurts my eyes to go on the phpclasses website. It's like someone
>> > vomited tabs and links :|
>> I have no clue why you felt the need to be so aggressive.
>> Anyway, if you are that sensitive to design issues, why don't you
>> participate in the contest to propose a better design instead of just
>> complaining against the work that others do to help the PHP

> Here's a free suggestion. You don't even have to give me a prize. You
> know those random words which are underlined on that page, and when
> mouse over them, you get the random advertisement on a completely
> unrelated subject, which also emits a *sound* on my computer? Get rid
> them completely. They are beyond annoying. I get that you need to make
> money with this site, but those obnoxious ads are the exact opposite
> wrong way to do it.

When I first looked at the site, I did not see any of these problems.
But then I took a look at the page source and quickly figured out I
already have the solution.

1. Install Firefox.
2. Install the NoScript add-on.
3. Under NoScript options, clean out the default white list, removing
all of the .com sites.
4. Still in the options, on the Embedded tab, forbid everything except
iframes. But, then again, maybe you want to forbid iframes as well.

Then, as you browse, decide where and when to allow these features. I
always do it on a temporary basis per site, so they get disabled again
each time I start up the browser.

By the way, HTML Validator, another FF add-on I recommend every
developer install, shows a number of warnings on that site, similar to
'line 115 column 1 - Warning: <td> attribute "width" has invalid value
"49.5%"'. (NOTE: If you are on Linux, the FF add-on site incorrectly
states this add-on is not available. But when you go to the home site
for the add-on, there are Linux versions to install.)

Bob McConnell

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