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> At 9:24 AM -0400 10/29/09, Robert Cummings wrote:
>>Bob McConnell wrote:
>>>By the way, HTML Validator, another FF add-on I recommend every
>>>developer install, shows a number of warnings on that site, similar
>>>'line 115 column 1 - Warning: <td> attribute "width" has invalid
>>>"49.5%"'. (NOTE: If you are on Linux, the FF add-on site incorrectly
>>>states this add-on is not available. But when you go to the home site
>>>for the add-on, there are Linux versions to install.)
>>Excellent, thanks for the info.
> Rob:
> I just bookmark the following in my browser:
> Then when I want to validate anything, I just use that bookmark.

That doesn't work for servers inside our intranet, which are private and
therefore not accessible outside our firewalls or VPNs. That would
include all of our internal support, development and QA sites, as well
as my family's servers within the family VPN.

The HTML Validator add-on uses the same parsers as the w3c sites

Bob McConnell

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