2009/11/9 Tony Marston <t...@marston-home.demon.co.uk>:

> Because I can't do that until I install PHP 6, but as I never play with beta
> software waiting for it to go live will be too late.

Not sure why not. If it's just the name collision, call them
alt_ereg*() until ereg*() goes away. In fact, it's much easier to
write unit tests against your new functions if the old functions are
still hanging around.

> I've tried looking at the PHP wiki, but I cannot see any method of
> creating an RFC.

Well, the RFCs are here, but you probably already found them:
http://wiki.php.net/rfc (register is in the bottom-right corner).

Can't help you with your php-internals problem, I'm afraid. Tried
emailing the list manager?

> I have, however, created a request in php_compat in the PEAR system at
> http://pear.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=16769

Fair enough. Good luck.

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