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PHP List,

I won't go into a big rant about Zend, and instead simply say that while I
was using Zend Studio to debug PHP pages since version 5.0. I was never
really all that happy with it. It seemed to be the most complete debugging
environment for PHP, so I put up with it. I will say that the Studio
installation procedure has got better, but setting up a reliable debugging
server has not.

Now, the current version of Zend Studio (7.0) is based on Eclipse (I think
since v6.0), and so I'm just not sure what I'm paying for anymore.
Aptana Studio, also based on Eclipse has pretty much the exact same
interface and can even connect to a Zend server.

Since one of those is free, I can't see why I wouldn't switch. The issue for
me is that paying for Zend hasn't really saved me much hassle, so even if
Aptana has difficulties, at least they are free difficulties.

The main failing point, so far as I can see, of Aptana/Xdebug, is a lack of
good, clear, documentation (also note that Zend doesn't have great
documentation either). Especially on how to set it up.

I was wondering if anyone has used it and could provide a link or
instructions on how to get the debugging environment up and running.

Or, equally as valuable, would be recommendations on other debugging
environments. The key is finding one that has a clear set of instructions
for how to set it up (On Ubuntu/Debian Linux with a local LAMP server.)

Thanks for any advice.

Dave M G

Dave, take a look at PhpED from Nusphere. I've used the Windows version very
happily for the last 6 years. There is a Linux version but I haven't tried
it so can't comment - from the forum I gather that most users use the
Windows version. Debugging in PhpED is brilliant, but so is the rest of the
IDE. I also looked at Zend Studio every now and then over the last few years
to see how it was progressing, but wasn't that impressed.


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