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> recommendations besides Zend?
> PHP List,
> I won't go into a big rant about Zend, and instead simply say that while I
> was using Zend Studio to debug PHP pages since version 5.0. I was never
> really all that happy with it. It seemed to be the most complete debugging
> environment for PHP, so I put up with it. I will say that the Studio
> installation procedure has got better, but setting up a reliable debugging
> server has not.
> Now, the current version of Zend Studio (7.0) is based on Eclipse (I think
> since v6.0), and so I'm just not sure what I'm paying for anymore.
> Aptana Studio, also based on Eclipse has pretty much the exact same
> interface and can even connect to a Zend server.
> Since one of those is free, I can't see why I wouldn't switch. The issue
> for
> me is that paying for Zend hasn't really saved me much hassle, so even if
> Aptana has difficulties, at least they are free difficulties.
> The main failing point, so far as I can see, of Aptana/Xdebug, is a lack of
> good, clear, documentation (also note that Zend doesn't have great
> documentation either). Especially on how to set it up.
> I was wondering if anyone has used it and could provide a link or
> instructions on how to get the debugging environment up and running.
> Or, equally as valuable, would be recommendations on other debugging
> environments. The key is finding one that has a clear set of instructions
> for how to set it up (On Ubuntu/Debian Linux with a local LAMP server.)
> Thanks for any advice.
> Dave M G
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> Dave, take a look at PhpED from Nusphere. I've used the Windows version
> very
> happily for the last 6 years. There is a Linux version but I haven't tried
> it so can't comment - from the forum I gather that most users use the
> Windows version. Debugging in PhpED is brilliant, but so is the rest of the
> IDE. I also looked at Zend Studio every now and then over the last few
> years
> to see how it was progressing, but wasn't that impressed.
> Cheers
> Arno
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Why anyone needs to buy a IDE for develop PHP code?

You can use any text editor.

I use SciTE. It is free and open source.
It does not provide any tool of any kind. It just allow me to write code,
and that's all I need.

Also there are a lot of tools for development.
And IDE is just a fat text editor with lot of tools on it, and in some cases
it can make your development slower.

You can improve your development with a set of lightweight tools, this is
the linux style.

Martin Scotta

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