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developer laziness
or incompetence is not an acceptable excuse.

Exactly, so fix your scripts!

But my scripts aren't broken! It's PHP 6 that is broken.

Actually when PHP 6 comes out... it will be your scripts that are broken. The language doesn't adapt to you for every version change. YOU adapt to the language, otherwise YOUR scripts ARE broken.

Some hosting companies won't allow you to use htaccess files, refuse to install any optional extension, let alone one from the PECL or PEAR repositories. Some of them won't give you more than one MySQL database. Different companies provide different levels of service. The only thing that the DO have in common is that they charge you for it.

Then switch hosting company. Or pony up the extra $5 or $10 per month or so for a VPS that gives you root access and all the configurability you could want. Lack of choice is NOT the fault of PHP.

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