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> I have a form with probably 100+ elements from input, checkbox, select
> boxes, textareas, etc. It's extremely tedious to fill these in all the time
> and submit while developing/testing.
> Anyone know of a plugin to Firefox (or IE for that matter) that will fill in
> the fields, select stuff, check stuff, etc. with some modicum of
> predictability. Random text only goes so far when debugging as you don't
> necessarily know what the field SHOULD contain.
> It seems the auto-fill-in plugins I found so far are designed for the
> average user and do mostly, name, email, password, address, etc... Stuff the
> average user would fill in often.
> My form is nothing like that. It's for submitting incidents, and I'm sure
> I'm not the only one who makes forms that aren't just user registration or
> product order forms.
> I found this bookmarklet which is close, but as you see by my comment there,
> it isn't all that useful.
> http://www.phpied.com/form-auto-fill-bookmarklet/#comment-71802
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>  <http://daevid.com/> Daevid Vincent Says: November
> <http://www.phpied.com/form-auto-fill-bookmarklet/#comment-71802> 18th, 2009
> at 10:41 pm 
> This is awesome, however I would like it to be a bit more "predictable".
> Could you make it so that any text fields (input,textarea,etc) are the
> _name_ of the tag. so if I have: 
> <input size="30" name="serial_number" type="text" value="">
> Then your script would put the string "serial_number" or "Serial Number" or
> something in the text box. This way, in debugging, I know what to expect in
> that $_POST['serial_number'] value.

Couldn't you just fill it in once, and then let your browser remember it
for you?


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