> We are currently using PHP version 5.2.6. in production, and I'd like to
> upgrade to the latest 5.3.1

Before upgrading production, upgrade your staging server and do QA.
Any big changes like this should be tested in staging before being
pushed to production. Also take a look at
http://php.net/ChangeLog-5.php to be sure you know what has changed
between 5.2.6 and 5.3.1.

> My Assumptions:
> - I can simply download the Windows binary file, and install it.

I don't use PHP on Windows, but I would never make this assumption.
Things never seem to be as easy as I expect them to be. Try on  a
staging server before making a change like this in production.

> - None of the 5.2.6 code will break

That's a big assumption. The only way I know of to test it is running
the code on a box with 5.3.1 and test it.

> Will there be a momentary interruption of web services during the
> install? Will the current PHP applications stop working during the
> upgrade?

I've never used IIS, so I may not be helpful here. If you're using
Apache on Windows you'll need to restart Apache is generally a very
fast operation.


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