I'm missing some unifying piece of the zend/php puzzle...

I understand the basics of zend engine opcode, caching the opcode,
optimizing the opcode, and caching the optimized opcode, etc...   The
part I'm struggling with is somewhere in the zend world.

Under a typical php install where does the zend engine live (like what

I am under the impression that I need to install the Zend Server
Community Edition (ZSCE) to get the zend optimizer+.  I thought PHP came
with the zend engine...why do i now have to download this ZSCE just to
add a component to the engine i already have?

1)  Is there a way to turn on zend optimizer+ component (like in php.ini
zend extension) without having to install ZSCE?

1.2) If i have to install the ZSCE stack, wouldn't this effectively be
adding another engine on my machine?

2) Does zend optimzer+ automatically cache the script's optimized opcode?

3) Is it possible to have APC cache the zend optimzer+ optimized opcode?

4) When APC automatically caches script's opcode is it doing this on
'per included file' basis or on the entire root script (like after the
root file has finished including all of its includes)?

5) Same as 4) but for zend optimizer+ instead of APC.

Thanks for helping me get a handle on this,

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