Daniel Kolbo wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm missing some unifying piece of the zend/php puzzle...
> I understand the basics of zend engine opcode, caching the opcode,
> optimizing the opcode, and caching the optimized opcode, etc...   The
> part I'm struggling with is somewhere in the zend world.
> Under a typical php install where does the zend engine live (like what
> file)?

I don't think it is separate from PHP itself.  The Zend engine was a
rewrite of the PHP execution engine with resource/mem management and the
API for loadable extensions, etc...  Later adding the PHP 5 OOP stuff.

> I am under the impression that I need to install the Zend Server
> Community Edition (ZSCE) to get the zend optimizer+.  I thought PHP came
> with the zend engine...why do i now have to download this ZSCE just to
> add a component to the engine i already have?
> 1)  Is there a way to turn on zend optimizer+ component (like in php.ini
> zend extension) without having to install ZSCE?

It is an extension available on the Zend download page.

> 1.2) If i have to install the ZSCE stack, wouldn't this effectively be
> adding another engine on my machine?

Yes, it is a install of PHP with alot of other stuff bundled in.  So it
depends upon what you need and if you want to install/configure PHP
yourself with all of these additions, or if you just want to install the
Zend server.


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