> Hello Mr. McKenzie,
> Thanks for the response.  I do not see zend optimizer+ on:
> http://www.zend.com/en/downloads/
> There is a zend optimizer download link, but this is different than zend
> optimizer+.  My understanding is the former facilitates with the use of
> zend gaurd while the latter optimizes the opcode.  I want the latter
> component.
> Where does one obtain the zend optimizer+ component?  (I spent the
> better part of my saturday trying to find it).  I ended up installing
> the zend server community edition to see how it configured its own
> apache and php installs in the httpd.conf and php.ini as a way to shed
> some light on to my understanding.
> The zend server is using different libraries then the standard php
> install.  I could try to mimic the behaviour of the zend server
> configuration with my original php configuration; however, I'm a bit
> concerned about only grabbing partial components...maybe i don't need to
> be so worried.  Maybe this plan isn't even possible.
> I guess i was expecting to google, 'install zend optimizer+ component'
> and find gooooogles of howtos.  Because i don't see this, it makes me
> wonder if i'm trying to do something i oughta not...
> My question boils down to:
> How do I extend my current php install to add a component (zend
> optimizer+) to my current php install?
> Thanks,
> dK
> `

I'm really not sure what the + designation is for, they may have changed
the way things work since I last used the optimizer. The Zend Optimizer
used to be a byte code optimizer/cacher that also allowed you to run
Zend Guard encrypted apps that you were authorized to use.  Zend Guard
you need to buy and it allows you to encrypt your apps.


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