Recently I have frequently found, especially in the morning (GMT 2200 - 0200), 
that I can
open a bookmark in the manual, for example
But if I then do a search of any type I get 'The page cannot be displayed'.  I 
then cannot
reach any page, including the one I originally opened.

This morning, after some fiddling, I found that if I closed the browser, and 
re-opened it
I could then see the original bookmark again, and link to some pages, but 
others would
again crash the browser, as would all searches.

I am using IE6, and have seen a message that I should update my browser, but 
only when the
page is displaying properly.  Firefox 3.5.5 immediately converted the above to and then told me "The manual page 
you are
looking for ( is not available on 
this server
right now."

Is this due to maintenance, or somesuch, or is it something in my system?

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