On Thu, 04 Feb 2010 02:39:03 +0100, joc...@iamjochem.com (Jochem Maas) wrote:

>Op 2/4/10 1:32 AM, clanc...@cybec.com.au schreef:
>> Recently I have frequently found, especially in the morning (GMT 2200 - 
>> 0200), that I can
>> open a bookmark in the manual, for example 
>> http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.image.php.
>> But if I then do a search of any type I get 'The page cannot be displayed'.  
>> I then cannot
>> reach any page, including the one I originally opened.
>> This morning, after some fiddling, I found that if I closed the browser, and 
>> re-opened it
>> I could then see the original bookmark again, and link to some pages, but 
>> others would
>> again crash the browser, as would all searches.
>> I am using IE6, and have seen a message that I should update my browser, but 
>> only when the
>> page is displaying properly.  Firefox 3.5.5 immediately converted the above 
>> to
>> http://au2.php.net/manual/en/ref.image.php. and then told me "The manual 
>> page you are
>> looking for (http://au2.php.net/manual/en/ref.image.php.) is not available 
>> on this server
>> right now."
>there are stacks of mirrors. try one of:
>... guessing those are closest to you.

Thanks. I was under the misapprehension that the providers server would 
automatically hunt
for a valid mirror, but I find that my various bookmarks are scattered on 
mirrors all over
the place. Also that if I do a search from what appears to be the logical 
bookmark it doesn't work, but if I do it from most of the others it does. Very 

>as for using IE6 ... WTF ... you do realise this is essentially a web 
>developers mailing list right?

The interesting things in my websites go on behind-the-scenes, in the PHP, and 
relatively straightforward HTML. I have avoided the well-known bugs in IE6, and 
think my
webpages display correctly on any of the modern browsers, but as Microsoft 
delights in
rearranging everything in every update, and making the features you need ever 
harder to
find, I stick to IE6 for my everyday work.

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