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> On Thu, 04 Feb 2010 02:39:03 +0100, joc...@iamjochem.com (Jochem Maas) wrote:
>>as for using IE6 ... WTF ... you do realise this is essentially a web 
>>developers mailing list right?
> The interesting things in my websites go on behind-the-scenes, in the PHP, 
> and produce
> relatively straightforward HTML. I have avoided the well-known bugs in IE6, 
> and think my
> webpages display correctly on any of the modern browsers, but as Microsoft 
> delights in
> rearranging everything in every update, and making the features you need ever 
> harder to
> find, I stick to IE6 for my everyday work.

Wow. Ignoring the issue that IE6 will soon be EOL (finally), and
ignoring how bad it is at handling anything even remotely modern, your
workstation must be a haven for virii, spyware and malware... IE6 has
just about the worst security track record out there, at least on the
desktop anyway.

If you must have IE6 for whatever reason, stick it on Windows
installed on a VM and upgrade your main workstation browser to
something more recent. At least a VM can be backed up at a known-good
point and if^H^Hwhen it gets compromised it can be deleted easily and
replaced with your backup.

I'll make it easy for you: http://www.getfirefox.com :)


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