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> Lester Caine wrote:
> > Since a large section of our USER base is still tied to W2k and does not
> > have access to install other software, the call for IE6 to die is STILL
> > somewhat premature!
> > What is needed is someone to kick M$ to sort the mess out by at least
> > allowing IE8 to install on W2k machines, rather than telling hundreds of
> > councils they have to replace ALL their computers :(
> > 
> > The alternative is to convince M$ controlled councils that Firefox is OK
> > and that using it will not invalidate their contracts - but then all the
> > work currently being done to convert legacy setups to work with *IE7*
> > would have to be scrapped and reworked on Firefox. Many of my customers
> > have only just got funds to start an *IE7* roll out! Redoing all that
> > work for IE8 is yet another problem for which money is not available.
> > 
> Support of any type for Win2K is over in 5 months.  Better upgrade.
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> Thanks!
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I've not had any personal experience with the public sector, but I have
heard stories from those who have. By all accounts, it seems that most
of the public sector is still stuck in the dark ages with regards to
technology, which could go some way to explaining the abysmal failure
rate of public sector projects! Open source in this sector would be a
perfect solution in most cases, but it's shunned because of fear of the
unknown and worry that anything free is worth the money paid for it.


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