Yeez eh, some of you people here are truely ungrateful for serious
effort spent to save you time.

While i've never found a use for any of the code on,
and i also would've chosen a slightly different pay-server-rent-model
for the jobs subsection, i can't help but notice the author of
phpclasses must've put in quite a bit of time to organize a specialist

You really really shouldn't flame a person for trying to make a small
living while at the same time still giving away quite a bit of
timesaving products for free.

Instead you people bitch about "too many ads", and "you practically
force me to pay for something".
If you don't like the ads, ignore 'm! And still click on a few and
let'm sit in tabs for a few seconds. It's the very-fucking-least you
can do for the time you're saved.

And if you have a complaint-and-tip-for-change about somebody's
business model, you'll find that framing such a change in neutral /
positive lanugage is far likelier to be considered at all.

I have also put out 3 opensource products, paid hosting cost for it
even for a while, and have never used ads to support 'm.
But you know what? Out of thousands of downloads, i never got even a
single short "thanks" message back.
I must've saved at least some people quite a bit of time and mental
energy, and possibly decreased their schedule pressure at the same
But a "thank you" over email is too much effort for them apparently.

Open-source users are often very haughty and insist on
everything-must-be-free, but those are often also the vast majority
who don't put out free work of their own.
They want to get paid good money for the conglomerate products they
create, yet pay preferably NOTHING for the components they base that
If these people weren't so dispicable, it'd be funny.

I would not be surprised to see open-source releasers (like myself)
quit putting out free wares all together. Afterall, being paid with
public flames instead of even-short-thank-yous and the occasional
click on-my-ads, will cause any human to think "why would i want to
offer that thing for free at all?"

- putting ads on his site, even lots of them

> I'm sure there are some very talented people on your site (and in the
> community) - one slight problem though, I won't use you're website under
> any circumstance (been there, done that).
> You make every interaction with your site a horrible, painful
> interaction that is purely there to get as many adverts as you can in
> front of people, so that you can bleed every cent possible from the hard
> work and effort of PHP developers and innocent users. In short, you take
> advantage of your users, members and the PHP community - I've never seen
> such a bold and ongoing attempt to profit on the hard work and good will
> of PHP developers, ever, period.
> And then, you have the good thought to come on here and SPAM the hell
> out of your site at every opportunity.

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