> I don't think this will ever happen. I don't submit public code in order
> to receive accolades. If no one ever uses it or thanks me, that's okay.
> It would be *nice* to receive some acknowledgement, but I'm too busy
> writing code to worry about that much.

yea, i don't particularly mind not-being-thanked, i take the
opensource from others that i use myself as thanks, but if it would
turn into public flaming because of some ads, i would be offended.

on the other hand, i have received off-list mail about other business
practices of phpclasses.org that i also would not have chosen myself,
because i disapprove of them.

but, it can be argued that for a person with a certain skillset and
skill levels, maintaining and marketing phpclasses.org is the work
related to opensourcing.
Not contributing a lot of work-code can then be forgiven, imo.

but if it turns out he's truely leeching on the work of others (by for
instance requiring authors to give him (near-)free exclusive rights or
something), then i'd have to switch sides, and say that authors need
to be warned of such practices. They should at least retain the full
rights to their work and be able to quickly and permanently remove
their work from a site like phpclasses.org, including the removal of
individual files.

it's been made clear to me that when it comes to his business
practices, the owner of phpclasses.org likes to stick to his own ideas
and descisions.

but hey, one can always start a competitor.
it shouldn't be that hard for the cluefull to create something
better-looking and easier-to-work-with, while still making a
finders-fee profit.

and if you're an author and don't like phpclasses.org, just use
something like sf.net or googlecode.

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