Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> Manuel Lemos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> on 02/17/2010 02:13 AM Shawn McKenzie said the following:
>>> PHP framework to speak of.  Manuel has authored most of them and many
>> I suppose you meant that I authored many of the classes. I only
>> submitted about 30 out of more than 2600 classes available submitted to
>> the site. 30 may be many, but 1% is far from being most.
>>> The only slightly negative thing that I can say is that I have never
>>> seen a post by Manuel on this list actually contributing a solution,
>>> recommendation or any type of help other than a link to phpclasses.
>> This doesn't sound fair. If a developer has a problem and I have a class
>> that solves that problem, suggesting to use the class does not
>> contribute to the solution of the problem?
>> Still it is not accurate to say that I only post messages here to
>> suggest links to the site.
>> Even if it was true, keep in mind that I do not have all the time in the
>> world. I think it is still helpful when I find time to suggest solutions
>> even if they include using any of my classes or something else in the
>> PHPClasses site, unless you prefer that I do not even post any messages
>> here at all and do not bother trying helping anybody here in any way.
> Well fuck it then.  99% of my post was defending you with one blurb of
> constructive criticism.

perhaps it's my fault for setting the negative tone from the off, or
perhaps its a case of showing true colors, or perhaps different all
together - time will tell I guess.

there's a lot for him to think about and take on board!

bailing out now,


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