On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 04:28:07AM +0100, Rene Veerman wrote:


> I have also put out 3 opensource products, paid hosting cost for it
> even for a while, and have never used ads to support 'm.
> But you know what? Out of thousands of downloads, i never got even a
> single short "thanks" message back.
> I must've saved at least some people quite a bit of time and mental
> energy, and possibly decreased their schedule pressure at the same
> time.
> But a "thank you" over email is too much effort for them apparently.

You know, I've noticed this too. I have a project on SourceForge, which
gets downloaded with some regularity. It's the kind of thing you
wouldn't download unless it specifically fit what you needed. I've had
three people submit patches, but beyond that, no one has ever emailed me
to say, "Gee thanks for the code. It really helped!"


> I would not be surprised to see open-source releasers (like myself)
> quit putting out free wares all together. Afterall, being paid with
> public flames instead of even-short-thank-yous and the occasional
> click on-my-ads, will cause any human to think "why would i want to
> offer that thing for free at all?"

I don't think this will ever happen. I don't submit public code in order
to receive accolades. If no one ever uses it or thanks me, that's okay.
It would be *nice* to receive some acknowledgement, but I'm too busy
writing code to worry about that much.

I will say this though: if you're on a list like this and someone
materially assists you with their advice, it would be a nice courtesy to
just write back and thank them. It also helps let others know that this
particular piece of advice actually was the key to solving the problem.


Paul M. Foster

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