On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 11:21 +0100, Jochen Schultz wrote:

> Sure Zend is one of the most valuables, if not the most valuable, 
> companies in the PHP community.
> But if we allow ads here, we should think about selling them (like 
> footer ads in all messages of the list). This way the community gets 
> income, which can be used to support the community, while the community 
> stays free from some companies decissions.
> Or just keep Ads out of here...no exceptions!
> just my 2 cents
> Lester Caine schrieb:
> > Jochen Schultz wrote:
> >>  >  and not drugs, money or sex!
> >>
> >> So everyone should post their ads here, which are related to PHP?
> >>
> >> I think not.
> > 
> > As someone who gets totally pigged off with the amount of 'advertising' 
> > that gets rammed down our throats, I should probably agree. But in this 
> > particular case, while I may not like it, Zend are one of the major 
> > supporters of PHP and actually need to make money to continue that support.
> > 
> > Now if someone wants to advertise alternative courses using Eclipse and 
> > PHPEclipse ... 1000EUR does seem somewhat steep ;)
> > 
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Actually, footer ads doesn't seem such a bad idea. I don't know how
you'd work out the details like how often an ad is shown, but I for one
wouldn't mind a discrete ad at the bottom of the email if the proceeds
would go back into making PHP better. I would assume though that most
people on this list wouldn't like that, as it would possibly make it too
commercially driven, i.e. think people posting more and more simple to
get their ad more coverage, etc.


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