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> On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 04:29, Jochen Schultz <jschu...@sportimport.de> wrote:
> >>  and not drugs, money or sex!
> >
> > So everyone should post their ads here, which are related to PHP?
> >
> > I think not.
>     Well, good thing you're nowhere near being close to having a say
> in that, eh?  ;-P
>     First of all, this is the General mailing list, meaning that
> anything generally-related to PHP is allowed, accepted, and
> encouraged.  Before you subscribed, you were warned that this is a
> high-traffic list.  If you don't like it, please send a very long,
> detailed message to php-general-unsubscr...@lists.php.net and we'll be
> happy to respond.
>     Second, Debbie Otterstetter from Zend is absolutely,
> one-hundred-percent completely correct in posting such a message here,
> with both my encouragement and blessing.  I work with her on a
> near-daily basis to get events coordinated on php.net, so trust me -
> she's not going to bombard the list with SPAM.
>     Lastly (for now), I will reiterate: if you're not interested, do not 
> reply.
>     (P.S. - We should institute a new rule: no one is allowed to make
> suggestions regarding things until they've submitted at least 500
> valuable posts.  Of course, that won't happen.... stupid democracy.
> ;-P)
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How can we get a post count? :p


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