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On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 05:21, Jochen Schultz <> wrote:
> Sure Zend is one of the most valuables, if not the most valuable, companies
> in the PHP community.
> But if we allow ads here, we should think about selling them (like footer
> ads in all messages of the list). This way the community gets income, which
> can be used to support the community, while the community stays free from
> some companies decissions.

    Absolutely not.  Thankfully, that will never, ever happen.  And
don't take this the wrong way, but it's quite evident that you're new
to working with open source groups.  There's no way "the community
gets income" from anything, and the only support the community gets is
through its peers.  By participating in this list in a productive
fashion, Jochen, is exactly where you're doing the right thing in
supporting the community.  Further, the PHP community is and has
always been free from company decisions.... but believe me (and
Richard Quadling will back me on this one), we certainly have our fair
share of politics and internal obstacles, just like any organization.
Some may say even more than many.  ;-P

> Or just keep Ads out of exceptions!
> just my 2 cents

    To a great extent, I agree with you on this one.... but I think
that ads once in a while for PHP-related educational services, job
offers, and other things to give you and your peers in the PHP
community a chance to better themselves can be invaluable to many.
Each year, we have a few hundred active participants on this list:
some with one-off messages, others - like Ashley Sheridan - who have
become fixtures here, and still others - like Jochem Maas - who
regularly come and go.  Then, we have literally thousands of lurkers
--- those who are just getting into PHP, but are too timid yet to
pipe-up and introduce themselves or ask a question, for fear of being
heckled by those who think they're elite (blaming no one in this
thread, but we've all seen it).  For those folks who actively monitor
the list to learn, they may very well be interested in the kind of ad
Debbie sent.

    However, if it were to become a regular thing, advertising a
website and offering nothing more than self-promotion, then there's a
reason for wanting it gone for good.  That kind of advertising is
nothing more than a completely self-serving action masquerading as
support for the community, and is worthy of complaints.  And that, my
friend, is exactly where I agree with you.

    As for the Zend posts, you can expect to see them now and again.
If you personally would rather not, it's a good thing you're
technologically-inclined: you know how to create a filter to
auto-trash the message before you even see it.  ;-P

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