On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 19:08 -0700, Tommy Pham wrote:
> The response time, max 5 seconds, will be tested on local gigabit LAN
> to ensure the adequate response (optimized DB & code & proper
> hardware) without worrying about users' connection limit and site's
> upload bandwidth limit (which can easily rectify).  Then thereafter
> will be doing stress test of about 10 concurrent users.  As for the
> major queries, that's where threads come in, IMO, because those
> queries depend on 1 primary parameter (category ID) and 1 secondary
> parameter (language ID).  This particular site starts with 500
> products about 15 categories, without many of those mentioned filters,
> later grew to its current state.
The bottle neck looking at speed in this example seems to be the
database backend, not PHP. What would be needed is a fast database, and
SQL queries optimized for speed. Teus.

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