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2010/3/25 Rene Veerman <>:
> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 6:13 AM, Hans Åhlin <> wrote:
>>I admit that if there were native support for threading I
>> would use it. But I don´t want the support for threading if it
>> slowdown the performance.
> hmm i bet you can use any feature of php to slow things down..
> i think what's been proven by the pro-camp by now is that at least
> some application designs would benefit from threading and shared
> memory.
> imo there's no way to tell up front if threading will be detrimental
> or benefitial to all projects built with php.
> itsa case-by-case thing... aint it?
The problem as I understand it, is that the whole language would be affected,
and project that doesn't use shared memory and/or threading is going
to be affected negatively.
But if there is some way to implement threading and shared memory
without the side effects and keeping the security that php provide to
day, and with the resources that the project have. Then i'm totally
for it.

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