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Teus Benschop wrote:

On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 19:08 -0700, Tommy Pham wrote:
The response time, max 5 seconds, will be tested on local gigabit LAN
to ensure the adequate response (optimized DB&  code&  proper
hardware) without worrying about users' connection limit and site's
upload bandwidth limit (which can easily rectify).  Then thereafter
will be doing stress test of about 10 concurrent users.  As for the
major queries, that's where threads come in, IMO, because those
queries depend on 1 primary parameter (category ID) and 1 secondary
parameter (language ID).  This particular site starts with 500
products about 15 categories, without many of those mentioned
filters, later grew to its current state.

The bottle neck looking at speed in this example seems to be the
database backend, not PHP. What would be needed is a fast database,
and SQL queries optimized for speed. Teus.


Seconded ...
My own servers spend 75% of the time in firebird and 25% in apache/php, and when I need some extra performance I just add a second machine for firebird with a lot more memory. PHP is not the bottleneck and while the computer is 99.5% idle anyway I don't see any need for threading any time soon.

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