Rene Veerman wrote:

> popular : facebook youtube etc

Rene, I must be missing something here.  That sort of size implies
millions in advertising revenue, so why are we discussing how much
performance we can squeeze out of a single box?  I mean, I'm all for
efficient use of system resources, but if I have a semi-scalable
application, it's a lot easier just getting another box than trying to
change the implementation language.  OTOH, if my design is not
scalable, it's probably also easier to redo it than trying to change
the implementation language.

> and you're still trying to impose a toolset on me. 

I didn't think I was - you're the one who seem to be fixed on PHP as the
only solution, and advocating that it be enhanced to suit your

Per Jessen, Zürich (9.2°C)

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