On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 12:13 -0400, tedd wrote:
> At 8:27 AM -0400 4/21/10, David McGlone wrote:
> >I give up. trying to reply to messages on this list is tedious. I can't
> >pinpoint whether it's because the list is set up to make replies go to
> >the OP or the OP has his reply-to in his mail client set, or most people
> >are hitting the reply-to button instead of simply reply.
> >
> >It just doesn't make sense to me, why be on the mailing list if it
> >hinders having a group discussion without having to jump through
> >hurdles. It also defeats the purpose of being on a group list if
> >replying sends the reply to the OP.
> >
> >Every message sent to this list, simply hitting reply should send back
> >to this list and not the OP.
> >--
> >Blessings,
> >David M.
> David:
> Whenever I want to reply to the OP privately, I use their email address.
> Whenever I want to reply to all, I use "PHP <php-general@lists.php.net>"
> I do NOT (usually) use any quick "Reply" or "Reply to All" options in 
> my email program that sends stuff to everyone. Instead I think about 
> what I am sending and consider if anyone wants to receive my email. 
> Sure it's another step, but no more troublesome than trimming my 
> email to the point or other such considerations to make my replies 
> "on topic" and more readable.
> I'm sorry that you feel that doing so is *so tedious* that you are 
> going to "give up", but consider the effort that is put forth by 
> those answering you you should reconsider how much effort you are 
> willing spend to make this list work. Sometimes things cannot be as 
> simple as "Click".

Hi Ted, thanks for the words of encouragement. The thread got a little
big pretty quick so you may have missed a previous post from me. here it

"I'm the type of person that figures out how and why and then weighs my
options. Figuring out how to reply properly to this list was the first
step, now the next step is figuring out if I can deal with it or not.

I've decided to stay for a couple reasons, for one, everybody on this
list didn't once get mean or hateful during this whole discussion. That
flabbergasted me, because on a lot of lists I am on, quite a few people
on those lists would have instantly jumped down my throat. Secondly,
Everyone on this list that I have seen ask questions and give advise are
darn good programmers, so in order to be in the company of people like
this, then changing my habits shouldn't be hard.

The reason for the subject change was because I feared I was going to
start a flame war, so I was going to back down and just forget I
mentioned it."

I have learned to use the "reply to list" option. Something I never knew

Even though I prefer it the other way around, where hitting "reply" does
the job, I am willing to compromise just like many others on the
list. :-)
David M.

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