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> Hi Ashley,
> I would have your database that is attached to this part of the
> website,
> verify with another database that stores all your student and parent
> info for your school
> and when they register, you can actually check against a database of
> students that actually
> attend the school and the parents of that student on your server not
> through a login form.
> I believe there is a way to set up a cron or something like that
> where the check is made at
> the server level and no one else can check that way.

That will only work for a rather small subset of students and parents.
Unfortunately not all students in the district are actually in our main
database.  Those attending charter schools are not, so we can't verify them.
And not all parents are actually registered in our main database.  Like I
mentioned, we don't assume everyone wants "in" on our systems, we let them
come to us.  So if they don't, we don't have them.  (It's amazing how many
don't care how their kids are doing in school.)

For this project we're working on, we have parents and students who are not
in our main DB wanting to be part of it.  Manually, we can check who they
are and do the verification that way.  But, try doing that for several
thousands of registrations and it gets old really fast.  This is why we've
been asked to make it as automated as possible.

Can't say I'm happy to work on this but such is life ...

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